30 Days of Guided Meditations

No time to meditate? 

Your mind can't be still? 

Impossible to sit still and think of nothing?

Numerous studies have shown that meditation works in relaxing body and mind, in order to become sharper.

With meditation, you will become more efficient at work and you will learn that you actually can sit still. 

Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts.  

It is about observing your thoughts and getting a grip on your thoughts

Flex your mind, bring in more awareness and learn how to respond instead of react. 

With this 30 day challenge, you will be guided every step of the way with different meditation and breathing techniques. 

In April, we will have Edition nr 7 of this challenge. Countless testimonials prove that these challenges work! 

"After many failed attempts of different types of meditation, Rachel's meditation challenge has been a wonderful experience. I know now how to meditate. I highly recommend this challenge as it is part of my life now to get up and meditate."
Luis Patrick Samaniego, February 2021