Why I do what I do

For the past decade, I'm on a mission to teach meditation to support as many people as possible in their journey to less anxiety and more joy.

With my workshops I inspire both managers and employees to take a step back and consider how they live and work. 

Meditation can be a very practical tool for stress control. It can increase self-confidence so people can lead with greater calm and ease, both professionally and in their private lives.

Mindfulness and meditation brings perspective on the systems of partners, customers, suppliers, colleagues and equips people to navigate these relationships more easily.

Overall characteristics of my sessions are that these workshops are interactive, inspiring, joyful and create positive change within organizations.

In 2011, I quit my high fligh job as an Operational Director at a Medical Market Research Company where I was end responsible for all daily operations.
At a certain point we had 100 people on the payroll with at least 15 different nationalities.

A typical week would be about flying around the world to deliver board room presentations, lead focus groups, planning new projects, sales,  HR, budgets, targets, communication, coaching and ... Stress with a capital S :)

I'm the author of Flex your Mind, 10 Yoga principles for less stress in a busy world. You can find it wherever they sell books. 

"Rachel has that quiet, self-assured ease & authenticity that comes from years of working on energy, her own & what she puts out into the world.
She brings a depth of experience from personal learnings on top of the knowledge from training with so many great teachers of yoga, meditation & energy awareness." - Tracey Hamill

I am the founder of Revealing Vajra, hosting over 100 worldwide yoga and meditation retreats in 12 years. After 4 years in Morocco and 9 months in Dubai, I now live in Portugal again.  More info on: www.revealingvajra.com 

What people say about me

“If you feel a little bit too stressed in your daily life, if you need “to let go” but you don’t know how to do it, I warmly recommend following coaching sessions with Rachel. Our conversations have helped me to take distance from situations I face, to be aware at anchored thoughts that have blocked me and to approach life in a different, positive way … always with kindness, respect, a touch of humor, with this nice feeling to be listened through all the sessions and to be well after each session. This is complementary with the meditation challenges and yoga sessions that I also follow with Rachel, a little bubble that you can take for yourself, to take care of yourself...”

Eun Ah Schittekat, Co-Fund Manager at Mercier Vanderlinden

“I was really struggling with some things in life and like most people not really knowing what to do business wise in 2020 and then I found Rachel…. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough!!! Rachel helped me come to terms with something I have really struggled with in my life for a long time and I feel more at peace with now. My business has boomed since Rachel has given me amazing advice and little gems of wisdom. I feel happier in myself, it’s like I have been injected with a newfound joy for life. I was taking myself way too seriously. Rachel is kind, compassionate and funny, really easy to talk to and has been available for me, even out of sessions. I love my job, but had got a bit lost and Rachel has brought the joy back into that. I have more interest on Social Media and feel like I’m actually doing less work!!! Thank you Rachel, you're an amazing Life Coach, Business Coach and Person. ”

Stacey Grey, Yoga & Pilates Studio owner

“Meditation is something I knew would be a good thing to do but rarely did. Partly because I hadn't really found a teacher I enjoyed listening to. But also when one meditates at home there is no accountability - it's only you who knows if you did it or not! I joined Rachel's first meditation challenge in Spring 2020 in lockdown. Having already worked with Rachel on an online retreat, and knowing her as a friend, it was the perfect way to see if I could create a regular mediation practice. Her warm and compassionate guidance through breathing and meditation techniques have been invaluable. There is some 'technical' language but everything is explained in laymans terms along with joy and humour. Meditating in a group, even though we are scattered all around Europe is incredibly powerful. Plus the accountability of showing up in a group every morning at 7am has created the habit of a regular practice. Rachel's 30 day challenges have become a key activity for me over the last 9 months and I have been part of all of them. They have brought structure, calm and peace of mind in these limiting and unpredictable times. I would highly recommend Rachel's meditation challenge to anyone ready to learn how to meditate or want to expand existing practice, create new habits or are in need of being part of a warm, friendly and connected group.”

Karen Lee, Founder of The Sensitive Foodie

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  • Your team needs a workshop around mental wellbeing, stress-relief or energy management

  • You need a better way to deal with Stress

  • You know you're holding yourself back

  • You're struggling with your inner critic

  • You want to grow your business but you feel overwhelmed and you're not sure where to start

  • You need someone you can trust and who has your back, no matter what

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There is no need to do this all by yourself. 

Lasting results need vision, commitment, accountability and support. When we work together, I'm there for you, also in between sessions when life gives you challenges. 

" Rachel really is one of a kind, she radiates warmth, joy, peace and power, and has a really good sense of humor. I’m very grateful to her for guiding me on my personal journey." - Mirella Molenschot, the Netherlands

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