Hi, I'm Rachel.

When I say, 'Life is supposed to be Fun', I really mean it.
Life doesn't always give us what we want, it can be challenging and even frightening at times but we can choose how we respond to life

I'm here to teach you how to flex your mind, change the way you think and feel and become the happiest person you know.

Step by step, I will guide you into a regular meditation practise as this is where it all starts, getting a grip on those raging thoughts

Try it out and join the FREE Meditation Challenge, starting October 18th!

Always wanted to learn how to Meditate?

This time, you will succeed!

Fact is that you can change what doesn't serve you any more. Once you understand how your mind works, possibilities are endless.

During the 30 Day Meditation Challenge, I will teach you the very best and most effective meditation techniques. You will learn how to apply them and have all the tools you need when life overwhelms you.
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About Rachel

Rachel Bonkink

I'm a meditation and yoga teacher, a published author, accomplished speaker and founder of Revealing Vajra-amazing yoga retreats. In a past life, I fully enjoyed the corporate life as an operational director of medical market research firm.

Grateful to have followed many in person trainings (over 1000 hours) with Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clarke and Alan Wallace.
My favourite thing to do is to make meditation easy and guide people into creating more peace of mind.
Will you join me on the next Meditation Challenge?
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Why join a Meditation Challenge?

30 Days really give you the time to...

  • Learn

    Different Breathing Techniques Mindfulness and Meditation Practises.

  • Recharge

    Meditation relieves stress. You will sleep better and feel more content.

  • Practise

    Master your thoughts. Acquire a more positive mindset and feel connected.

What others say

“I didn’t really ‘get’ meditation until this retreat. Sitting on a rooftop in Morocco with the sun beating down in December, this eye-rolling die-hard sceptic sat cross-legged and soft-gazed, staring at the Atlas Mountains with tears running down my face, feeling utterly at peace and one with the universe. The key (other than the breathtaking scenery) was Rachel’s approach. She has clearly studied and knows her practise, but her playful take-what-works-and-nothing-else style allowed me to experience how meditation can warp and stretch time with the application of mere focus, to feel comfortable and to let go and burn away thoughts and feelings that have been holding me back. I feel an acceptance of self that I have never felt before in my life. Rachel is no miracle worker but she provides the tools and the space for others to recognise the divine in them. ”

Jamie, Canada

“Rachel really is one of a kind, she radiates warmth, joy, peace and power, and has a really good sense of humor. I’m very grateful to her and my fellow yogis and yoginis for guiding me on my personal journey. Namaste!”

Mirella Molenschot, the Netherlands

“Rachel is a brilliant teacher, incredibly cool and in a long one-on-one chat left me with some great wisdom to apply to my life goals.”

Tom Heaslip, Ireland