Mental health and wellbeing consultancy, delivering:

  • Workshops on stress management, self-confidence, resilience
  • Personal development coaching programmes
  • Career coaching
  • Corporate Meditation Programmes

As a former COO of a medical market research company, I'm very familiar the meaning and impact of stress.  My personal development coaching and training programmes are designed to increase employees' cognitive flexibility to become more resilient to change and increase their overall mental wellbeing. 

As a consultant, I guide companies to have employees embrace the concept of flexible thinking. As soon as people learn how to flex the mind, we are bound to see more creativity, innovation and productivity come up.

About Rachel

Rachel Bonkink

I'm a meditation teacher, a published author, a mindset coach, an accomplished speaker and the founder of Revealing Vajra-amazing yoga retreats. In a past life, I fully enjoyed the corporate life as an operational director of medical market research firm.

One of my favourite things to do is to make meditation easy and guide people into creating more peace of mind.

Grateful to work with companies and organisations like Sanofi (BE), the European Commission (EU), Resilience (FR) and Bayzat (UAE) to provide mental wellbeing programs.
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What others say

“After many failed attempts of different types of meditation Rachel's meditation challenge, without any doubt, has been a truly wonderful experience. I highly recommend the 30 days Challenge. It is part of my life now I will definitely sign up for the next challenge. ”

Luis Patrick Samaniego, February 2021

“Rachel is delightful and the meditation challenge is a really good way to develop a routine or just enjoy a practice in community. I followed the challenge on recordings and it's just a very warm, calm and nurturing environment. You won’t be disappointed!”

Maria Miller, February 2021

“Rachel has that quiet, self-assured ease & authenticity that comes from years of working on energy, her own & what she puts out into the world. She brings a depth of experience from personal learnings on top of the knowledge from training with so many great teachers of yoga, meditation & energy awareness. As a yoga teacher, I am very fussy about who I practise with & who I recommend to others; when I recommend a class or a retreat with Rachel, I know that person will get quality, kindness, practical guidance & above all, a teacher who loves what she does. ”

Tracey Hamill, February 2021

Happiness from Within Online Workshop

Watch at any time!

Deepen your meditation practise.
Explore the idea that you already have peace of mind.
Tap into your Essence of Being.
Take and Make Time for Yourself.
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Why join a Meditation Challenge?

7 / 21/ 30 / 51 days give you the time to...

  • Learn

    Different Breathing Techniques Mindfulness and Meditation Practises.

  • Recharge

    Meditation relieves stress. You will sleep better and feel more content.

  • Practise

    Master your thoughts. Acquire a more positive mindset and feel connected.

Being your authentic self

5 ways on how to be YOU and the very best technique for giving feedback in any situation.
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Just ask :)

I welcome any and all questions on meditation, Yoga, Yoga philosophy, coaching, ... anything goes.
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How to Flex Your Mind

Stepstones to feeling more confident and less anxious.
Practical guidelines on how to connect easily and effortlessly with others.
A down-to-earth explanation of the Yama and Niyama Yoga philosophy principles.
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