Starting September 1st

This is a Special Edition, focused on the Techniques of Loving Kindness. 

The 30 days will be spread out between September 1st and October 12th to give you the opportunity to really dive deep into different meditation techniques.

We take our time to explore one technique at a time.

True meditation leads to INSIGHT.
You will get more clarity on why you do the things that you do. Investigating underlying beliefs and thinking patterns.
Why can you not say 'no' for example, or 'yes'?
Why do you keep pleasing others, knowing this is not your best interest?
Why do you still struggle with self-love and confidence?
Why does your body ache? 

Our goal is not to be 'happy' all the time. I will teach you how to understand your mind better and to get a grip on the thoughts that makes you anxious and unhappy. This will lead you to more ease and peace of mind. 

What is this Meditation Challenge about?

Join Rachel for a beautiful Loving Kindness Journey

From September 1st till October 12th, we will explore the Loving Kindness Techniques. Thought in a practical way, adjusted to modern day life while honouring the ancient traditions.

Each day, we go a bit deeper. Each day will be an opportunity to get unstuck and explore the immeasurable Love you have inside.

30 Days of Teaching, over 6 weeks of Guided Meditations:

Week 1: Cultivating Space, Silence and Spaciousness
Week 2: Harvesting Joy
Week 3: Tenderness and Self-Care
Week 4: Care towards all Beings and Phenomena
Week 5: The Four Immeasurables
Week 6: True Transformation

Practical Information

September 1st till October 12th

  • We meet at 7AM UK Time, Live, via Zoom

  • All sessions are recorded to catch up or re-watch

  • 6 weeks to dive deep and go beyond any meditation plateau you might have

Cultivating Loving Kindness

September 1st till October 12th

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