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" Rachel makes it fun, so many people returning time and time again says it all." 
Jo, Ireland - February 2021

Meditation works, there is no doubt.
You will get a grip on your thoughts, you will sleep better, respond better to people as you have a grip on your emotions, you will be more creative, take better care of yourself, etc etc etc.

Meditating on your own is not easy. 

Usually, it is not a lack of motivation, it's the fact that you have to do it on your own. 

If you have a teacher waiting for you,  I can assure you that you will succeed.
30 days will fly by and you will have a personal meditation practice

How does it work

You click a Zoom link and the magic happens :)

  • 30 minute sessions

  • Whenever you can fit it into your daily schedule

  • Proven meditation and breathing techniques

Your meditation teacher

Rachel Bonkink

It is possible to find joy and happiness amidst challenge, change and uncertainty. For the past decade, I'm on a mission to assist as many people as possible in their mental wellbeing journey. Through yoga and meditation retreats, corporate mindset coaching and workshops and these meditation challenges. Challenges, although I prefer the word Experience now. As that's what it is, a true experience to get to know your own mind a little bit better. And figure out why we do the things that we do.
Rachel Bonkink keynote speaker

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