Meditation doesn't have to be difficult!

Let's do this, together.

Start or re-start meditating with these 5 days of meditation. 

You can now create a daily meditation practice, easily, effortlessly. 
At any time you prefer.

Specifically designed for busy professionals. 

Teaching you the very best breathing and meditation techniques. 

This is bulletproof, the only thing that you have to do is to show up. 

How does this work?

Very practically, all you have to do is show up for 30 minutes.

  • 5 Days: Take it at any time

  • 5 Minutes of Explanation

  • 10 Minutes of Breathing Techniques

  • 12 Minutes of Guided Meditation

Who is your teacher?

My name is Rachel Bonkink.

In the past ten years, I have followed many teacher trainings and (silence) retreats, usually 2 to 3 per year. My very first training was in India, in Rishikesh, a simple standard 200 hours on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.

Here are some of my trainings and retreats, not mentioning the workshops along the way as that would make it a very long list:

  • Alan Wallace Meditation Retreat, The way of Shamatha, Germany, 5 days
  • Alan Wallace Silence and Meditation Retreat, 4 Applications of Mindfulness, UK, 10 days
  • Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, San Francisco, USA, 100 hours
  • Alan Wallace Silence and Meditation Retreat, 7 Point Mind Training, UK, 10 days
  • Tony Robbins, San Jose, USA
  • Bernie Clark, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Vancouver, Canada, 100 hours
  • Vipassana 10 Days Silence and Meditation Retreat, Canada
  • John Stirk, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Week Retreat, Italy
  • Sarah Powers Yin Yoga Level 2, Teacher Training, London, UK, 50 hours
  • Sarah Powers Yin Yoga Level 1, Teacher Training, Thailand, 100 hours
  • Sarah Powers Silence and Meditation Retreat, UK, 5 days
  • Astrid Van Dam, Yoga Teacher Training, the Netherlands, 200 hours
  • Association for Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training, Rishikesh, India, 200 hours
  • Practitioner and Master NLP, Arcturus, Belgium
  • Traditional Chinese Medecine, the Netherlands
  • Young Management Program, Vlerick Business School, Belgium
  • Economical Sciences Master Degree, Belgium

What you will do

Breathing and Meditation

Familiarise with the Alternate nostril breathing technique.
Understanding of the Anapanasati, mindfulness of breathing meditation technique.
Meditate at home

What to do Next?

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