21 Days of Meditating Together

Gathering every morning with an international community of like-minded people is priceless and will motivate you to put in the effort! 

This formula of Challenges works.
I often say that this method makes Meditation Easy. 

You just know that I will be there, that the group is there and this makes it all so much easier. 

Every day, a different guided meditation. 

We cover MBSR Techniques like anchoring and mindful breathing but also go into more yoga-inspired techniques like chakra meditations. 

I'm trained in Tibetan Buddhism as well so there will be several sessions where we work with awareness and consciousness. 

During the challenge, you can also experience the Transformative Inner Child Meditation, a Future Self Meditation and several (semi-) Silent Meditations. 

INCLUDED in the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is a Mindful Morning Retreat, valued at 65 Euro. An opportunity to truly deepen your practise with sitting and walking meditations and yoga asana.

Meditation Made Easy

Click the Link and Join, that's it!

Creating a safe space to come together for Meditation. Camera on or off, that is up to you. All is good, this is Your Time to train the mind and feel more peace of mind.
Rachel Bonkink Meditation Online

How does it work?

Every morning at 7AM UK Time (8AM Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, ...), we meet for 30 minutes online. 

You can have your camera on or off, as you wish.
Some people are in pyjamas, some are usually already at work or even on the train.

There is a 5-10 minute introduction to the technique and we meditate together. At least once a week there is a more silent meditation where I do not speak (a lot).

All sessions are recorded and you continue to have access to the recordings.

Techniques of meditation will be mindfulness of breathing, deepening levels of concentration, metta/loving kindness, RAIN and visualisation.

My training and background  is Tibetan Buddhism, Mindfulness, MBCT (cognitive therapy) and positive neuroplasticity.

Groups are usually between 30 and 60 participants.
Half of the people follow on recordings and just pop in every now and then, for example, when you need extra motivation. 

Seeing so many people show up, every single day makes it a LOT easier to stick to the Challenge.

This truly is thé way to get into a daily, consistent meditation practise.